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Long Lasting Lips!

One of the biggest questions I get as a makeup artist is, "How do I keep my lipstick on?".  Well, now I am going to share with you some of the simple tricks of the trade.  This is going to see like a lot of steps but how many times during the day do you reapply your lipstick?  I guess it is just deciding how and when you want to spend the time, once in the morning or several times throughout the day.  Practicing any one of these steps will help you keep your lipstick on longer even if you don't want to do them all.  I will introduce these steps a little each day this week to give it time to sink in.

Step 1:  Base

It is always a good idea to start off with a lipstick base.  Yes, I know, there is a base for everything.  The purpose of a lipstick base is to keep your lipstick on all day, prevent your lipstick from bleeding and help your color come out truer to color.  If you have a problem with lipsticks turning colors on you, then this may be a solution.  I love lipstick bases because it helps the lip liner glide on the lips without having to make any faces.  How can you get a good shape if you are moving your lips around while you are lining?  You can't.  A lipstick base should also create a smoother lip by filling in the lines of the lip which creates a smoother surface.

Product Highlight

 Lip Fix Neutralizer

Lip Fix 2My favorite lipstick base is, of course, mine.  It is my Lip Fix Neutralizer for $15.00.   It is easy to apply and one small pot will last you 6 months to a year.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  Just apply it with your finger or a sponge all over the lip and even around the lip line if you want to highlight the lip area.  Make sure you blend it well without rubbing it off.  This can be purchased online or in the studio.

Step 2:  Define

Always use a lip liner.  A lip liner is more important than a lipstick.  It is a thicker wax than a lipstick and will naturally wear longer.  Lip liner is actually a bad description.  You don't ever want to see the "line".  Is should be called a lip definer since that is its real purpose. 

Line your lips thickly without moving your lips or making a face.  When your lips are closed, it creates a firmer surface and it is easier to draw on and your can actually see your shape correctly.  

Blend the lip liner into the rest of the lip with a lip brush.  This is very important.  Like I said before, lip liners are made of wax.  Wax melts.  By blending it into the rest of the lip, you are warming up the product and are then able to thin it and spread it around. This will help fill in the lines of the lip  which can help prevent your lipstick of bleeding and it will keep it on longer. 

I prefer lip pencils that you can sharpen versus pencils that you twist up.  By LipLinerssharpening your pencil, you are also sanitizing it.  It is an easy way to keep your product clean and fresh.  Professional Makeup Artist will have wood liners in their kits versus twists for this very reason.  Also, you can control the point and line much better.  (It's a good idea to sanitize your sharpener too with alcohol every once in awhile.)

Don't fall for paying extra for those lip liners that say they are waterproof.  Wax is waterproof already. :)


Please send me your makeup questions.

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