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Long Lasting Lips Step 5

I know I am a little late in writing this one but it is worth the wait.  

Step 5 is to moisturize and add shine.  You don't need a lipgloss to do this. Most people apply too much lipgloss and then  you will lose definition of the lip and it will cause your lipstick to wear off more quickly and run.  All of our hard work in steps 1 through 4 would become a waiste of time.  

My favorite way to add a little shine to the lips is to use a clear Vitamin E Stick.  Just use your lip brush and apply a little in the center of the lips.  Don't appply anything too moist too close to the lip line.  It will  naturally run once it warms up with your body heat.  Using a Vitamin E Stick will apply shine, moisture and protect your lips.  

Another great trick is to use the Vitamin E Stick to reapply during the day instead of your lipstick.  If you have correctly done steps 1 through 4 you should till have color on your lips.  If you do, you don't really need to reapply more.  Sometimes lipstick will dry up on our lips and rest in the lines of the lips, especially if they are dry and chapped.  If you reapply color, it will just build up and look gross.  If you reapply with a Vitamin E Stick, it will redistribute the color underneath and make it look fresh again.


Now remember, the drier something is the longer it will last.  The more moisture you wear on top of your lipstick, the more likely it will wear off sooner than later.  If you don't already have a Vitamin E Stick, you're in luck!  I carry them for $18.00.

Please send me your makeup questions.

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