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233 Peruvian Ave
House of Kahn Via
Palm Beach, FL  33480

(561) 814-8147

Welcome to the Makeup Classroom

645 1st Street West, Suite A, Sonoma, CA 95476

Makeup 101

Become a Makeup Artist

A Makeup Course created for existing beauty professionals who would like to add makeup artistry to their list of services.

Earn more revenue during the holiday season.

A one day course to teach you the basics.  Great for the hair stylist or esthetician who would like to add makeup to their list of talents.  Increase your earning potential by offering the complete package.   Class size is limited to 6 students at a time.  You will learn:
  • How to apply and choose the proper foundation.
  • How to choose the appropriate colors for the client.
  • How to choose the right products for the right occasion.
  • How to make your application last all day or night long.
  • How to make your application camera ready.
First part of the course is demonstration and lecture.  The second part of the course is hands on applications.  Students must be willing to work on each other or supply their own model.  

Students may work from their own kits or purchase a complete kit for $400.00.  You will leave with complete step by step instructions and face chart.  Completion of this course also makes you eligible for a discount to future online courses.

Total Cost of Course is $399.00 (does not include kit)

Day Course
Monday, November 14, 2016
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
1 hr break for lunch
Tuesday & Thursday
November 15 & 17, 2016
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Learn more about the instructor,
Donna Kelly by visiting here.
Want to take it a step further and increase your earning potential even more? 

Make the products you are working with available to your clients for purchase.  They will keep coming back to replenish their favorite products.  If you purchase a kit for the course, you will be getting a Ready To Wear Sample Kit from Colorlab Cosmetics.  Colorlab is an all mineral private label cosmetic manufacturer that also offers a custom blended line of cosmetics.